What is Invisalign I7?

Invisalign I7 is part of the Invisalign family of discrete clear aligners which uses the same technology as Invisalign full. I7 has been developed for patients who have minor teeth straightening complaints.

Why Would I Need Invisalign I7?

If you are not quite happy with your teeth and you have minor imperfections you would like correcting, then I7 may be the suitable treatment for you.

We will asses your needs in the first instance to see what category of Invisalign would be suitable for your needs.

Benefits of Invisalign I7

If you are suitable for Invisalign I7 it is classed as short-term orthodontic solution as teeth straightening cases will be completed in shorter time frames. How long it takes, will be on a case by case basis as every patient will be different.

The I7 system has the same benefits of Invisalign full in the fact that they are clear removable aligners that has the same Invisalign technology behind them.

Invisalign I7 Procedure

Invisalign I7 has the same procedure as the full & lite systems. The only difference being is how long the treatment will take. I7 is for minor cases, lite is for more complex cases, and Invisalign (full) is for even more complex cases.

After you have been assessed and you are dentally fit and suitable for Invisalign I7, impressions of your teeth will be taken. These impressions are sent off to Invisalign where they will manufacture your aligners.

At the fit appointment your dentist will show you how to fit your aligners and how to clean them. You will be given a series of aligners with each aligner typically being worn for a two-week period before moving onto the next set. Your dentist will advise you on your own unique case. Every 6-8 weeks you will have a follow up appointment where the next aligners in the series will be ready to be collected and your dentist will check on the progress. As you finish treatment, the last aligner in the series will then become your retainer to keep your teeth from relapsing (its very important you wear you retainer to protect your investment in your teeth).

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